The Port Authority of Gijón has taken part in different European projects since 1992.

The current project contracts extend until 2020 and the total number of projects executed to date amounts to around 60 European projects. The European Projects in which the PAG participates fall into two main groups:

  • Innovation: Projects with a marked technological component. Most of these belong to the Framework Program, from the 3rd Framework Program 1992-1994 to HORIZON 2020, but there are also projects under other programs such as the LIFE program, TEN-TELECOM, KNOWLEDGE REGIONS, GMES-ESA and the State Ports R&D program or the National R&D Program.
  • Business development: Projects with the objective of meeting the strategic and commercial objectives of the Port of Gijon are generally financed with funds from the Connecting Europe Facility, ERDF funds, from INTERREG II 1994-1999 to INTERREG V 2004-2020 or Erasmus, LIFE or HORIZON 2020 funds.

The Port Authority of Gijón has participated since 2013 in the INTERZALIA project, whose main objective is the design of an intermodal hub in the Logistics Activities Zone of Asturias, ZALIA. The project achieved both a station design suited to the needs of the traffics that could be captured, and the study of possible alternatives of the management model of the hub. The project is coordinated by the Principality of Asturias and also has the participation of the Port Authority of Avilés. For the completion of all studies a budget of just over € 1 million was estimated, co-financed by the European Commission under the Trans-European Transport Network program.

More information: Access the European Commission website.

The Gijón Port Authority has been a partner since 2015 in the CORE LNGas Hive project. Led by ENAGAS and involving more than 30 partners, the project aims to develop the integrated, safe,  efficient logistics chain for the supply of liquefied natural gas (small scale and bunkering) as fuel in the transport sector, especially maritime, in the Iberian peninsula. With an expected investment of more than € 30 million, the European program Connecting Europe Facility co-finances the studies and pilot tests with the aim of developing the LNG supply infrastructure as a fuel for ships.

More information: Access the website of Core LNGas hive.

The Port Authority of Gijón is a partner in the SamueLNG European project, dedicated to carrying out a series of technical studies, training actions and pilot tests with the objective of establishing the use of LNG as a transition fuel in the Atlantic Arc. A total budget of over € 19 million has been estimated for the implementation of all these activities, co-financed by the European infrastructure program Connecting Europe Facility. The project is coordinated by the French entity GIE Dragages Ports, with the participation of the Port of Nantes Saint Nazaire, Port of Le Havre, Port of Vigo, EDP and Gas Natural among others.

Within this framework, a pilot test is planned in the Port of Gijón, which aims to implement a flexible solution through the design of a mobile bunkering device capable of adapting to ports with low LNG demand.

More information: Access the European Commission website.

The Port Authority of Gijón is the coordinator of the Nantes Saint-Nazaire-Gijón Motorway of the Sea project, which aims to restore the maritime link between the ports of Gijón (Spain) and Nantes Saint-Nazaire (France). The final objective is to connect this maritime service with other modes of transport of the Trans-European Transport network, in particular the Atlantic corridor. To this end, the project proposes to carry out a series of works both at the Gijón Motorway of the Sea terminal, which includes the new RORO ramp, as well as at the port terminal of Nantes Saint-Nazaire and on the ship, with the objective of guaranteeing the highest standards of efficiency, safety and sustainability in the new service.

The partners in this proposal with the Port Authority of Gijón are the Port Authority of Nantes Saint-Nazaire, the shipping company Transportes Riva and the terminal company TERPOR. The action plans to invest more than 3.5 million euros, which will be co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility program.

More information: Access the European Commission website.

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